Vehbi Neziri, Ramadan Dervishi, Blerim Rexha
Publication year: 2013


Authentication systems with usage of finger prints are very common, because they have a very low cost of implementation and offer a higher security and safety. Knowing of fingerprints or authentication using fingerprints is done with automated methods and is one of the many biometric ways to identify different persons and their identity. But, in systems with a big number of users, the time of finger print comparison or authentication is higher and this time is increased exponentially with increasing of the number of the user of the system. To optimize this time, it was proposed that in systems with a big number of users to combine the alphanumerical values that are read from the ID cards or other authentication cards and the fingerprints. Through this combination, the system does need to compare fingerprint with all the fingerprints that are enrolled into the system, but only with the list of the persons that have already requested authentication in the system. This enables that the duration of the comparison and authentication through the fingerprints to be almost the same, disregard to the number of the system users.

Key-words: optimization, fingerprints, authentication, system, comparing