Blerim Rexha, Ramadan Dervishi, Vehbi Neziri
Publication year: 2011

In this paper is presented a novel solution for the implementation of an electronic voting system using smart cards and digital certificates. The novelty of implemented solution is based on using smart card as secure processing and anonymizer device and constraining their processing capability to a certain number of voting records, which is equal to the final number of voters that voted at specific polling station. The national election commission configures each smart card, as part of polling station infrastructure, to allow decryption of number of records that matches the number of voters in voting list. For security reasons, polling station certificate and its associated private key are stored in a smart card. The access to private key is protected by a personal identification number, which is XOR-ed based on number of commissioners at the polling station. The developed model is used to compare the costs and efficiency of e-Voting against the traditional paper based voting system in Kosovo