Erijona Gashi, Vehbi Neziri
Gashi, Erijona and Neziri, Vehbi, "Analysis and Visualization of Birth and Death Data in Kosovo" (2020). UBT International Conference. 316.
Publication year: 2020


Nowadays, almost every institution and business processes various data which also contain personal data where it is necessary to respect the laws for their protection and confidentiality. The development and advancement of technology is enabling more and more data management in various forms, where businesses can be profiled in what they do best and entrust data management to platforms and companies that deal with data. One such service for data processing, analysis and visualization is the Microsoft tool called Power BI. This tool is simple and easy to use, which does not require large hardware infrastructure for its use, but the benefit for businesses and other users is quite large. The purpose of this study is to provide additional knowledge about these tools and platforms, in this case by presenting data on births and deaths in Kosovo during the years 2002-2018 through responsible and interactive reports.