Local #elections are being held in #Kosovo today. The #integrity of the electoral process 🗳 is essential not only for democratic states and societies, but also for the trust of voters. Therefore, for the system to be reliable, transparent and integral, it is a necessity of the time to apply advanced #technologies in the organization of elections. Advanced electronic voting systems can be set up through technologies to enable all citizens to vote quickly and accurately no matter where they are, while political entities participating in elections have strong and accurate control of the results, which may be published immediately after the completion of the election process. In addition, the use of technologies in elections 🗳 can increase voter confidence and participation, reduce costs 💴, increase efficiency, but also provide flexibility, simplicity, #transparency and voting privacy. One of the latest technologies is the #Blockchain technology, which can provide a decentralization of the election management authority, but also prevent fraud and increase the #transparency and #audit of the election process as a whole.